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Electrical Workshop


Room: MAR U.037 (70 m2)

The E-Workshop is equipped with the following:

  • 2 lab benches for up to 12 people each with integrated protection circuits (emergency shut-off switches, circuit breakers)

    • Multimeters
    • Waveform generators
    • Power supply units
    • Adjustable transformers (Stelltrafo)

  • Plug-in systems to build and simulate simple analogue and digital circuits
  • Various oscilloscopes (analogue and digital)

  • AC current meters 
  • Electric energy-use measuring devices
  • Installed projector
  • Tools
  • Soldering iron
  • Various electronic components
  • Standard literature

A multimedia lab with built-in video projector is installed in the E-Werkstatt. 

The following courses meet in the E-Workshop:

  • Workshop Course ALBA-P3:

    • Workshop course for work studies students. Students learn the basics of electrics and electronics including: 

      • Difference between AC and DC
      • Typical electrical consumers and their behaviors
      • Methods for energy production and storage
      • Safety practices for dealing with electric current
      • Exercises

  • ALBA-WP7/WP8:

    • Advance course, supplements ALBA-P3

  • P4:

    • Project seminar for individual, topic-oriented projects

 In addition, further training programs also take place in the E-Workshop.

Projects (selection):

  • Bicycle Cinema. In this project, a group of students use a bicycle to generate energy to make a mobile cinema.

  • Generator Construction. In this project, an AC generator is built and optimized from scratch.

  • Repair Cafe. Students and TU employees learn how to fix defective machines and household appliances.

An electro-mobility workshop will soon be located on the EUREF-Campus in Schöneberg. At this workshop, students will be able to work on projects that have to do with the construction of electric vehicles.

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