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Arbeitslehre/Technik und PartizipationDr. Hamid Mostofi


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Dr. Hamid Mostofi


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Berufliche Bildung und Arbeitslehre (IBBA)
Fachgebiet Arbeitslehre/Technik und Partizipation

Sekr. MAR 1-1
Marchstraße 23
10587 Berlin


Telefon: + 49 30 314-73672

Telefax: +49 30 314-21120



Hamid Mostofi is Ph.D. student in faculty 1 of TU Berlin. He has 2 degrees of Master of Science which are MBA&E (Master of Business Administration & Engineering) from the HTW Berlin and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive) from Iran University of Science and Technology

He has the work experience in the field of teaching and preparing learning materials for renewable energy . In Germany for Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin in 2015, he prepared some modules for MBA of Renewables programs including the introduction and principles of renewable energy and its role in sustainable development. Moreover, Regarding his background in engineering, He worked in automotive industry and mobility research institutes. His current PhD thesis is studying the Role of Smart City Technologies in Urban Automobile Dependence and Changing Mobility Behaviour.

He is the team member of GECI project (Green Energy Center of Iran).


  • Mobility behavior research
  • Urban sustainable management
  • Renewable energy development
  • Smart city
  • Rebound effect of ICTs

Aktuelle Aufgaben

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im GECI project (Green Energy Center of Iran)


Seit Oktober 2016: PhD Student in Technische Universität Berlin Fakultät I - Geistes- und Bildungswissenschaften, PhD Arbeitstitel: "The Role of Smart City Technologies in Urban Automobile Dependence and Changing Mobility Behaviour"

2014-2016: Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBA&E), University of applied science of Berlin (HTW) Berlin, Germany (Fachrichtung: Interdiziplinäres Management)

2005-2008: Master of Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Industry), Iran University of Science and Technology (Fachrichtung: Automotive Industry)



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