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Smart Urban Mobility in Iranian Cities Considering Climate Change Mitigation Solution (SUMIC2020)

The main objectives of the SUMIC 2020 is to provide a framework for knowledge – experience exchange between German and Iranian professors and researchers to review and discuss the best practices of German transport and energy sectors for climate change mitigation policies and discuss how to localize these best practices for Iranian cities in terms of the the environmental , technical and social conditions.

This project is defined based on this fact that emissions in the transport sector are the major part of the air pollution in many Iranian cities. This fact has encouraged to deploy smart mobility systems and zero emission transport modes such as EVs in developed countries as a solution. The Iranian national (ministries) and local government (municipalities) have decided to implement zero emission transport modes in big cities of Iran such as Tehran and Mashhad to reduce the air pollution of these cities till 2020.

However, developing these new solutions need to provide their requirements and feasibility studies in targeted cities. For instance, due to the growing worldwide popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs), it is inevitable to investigate their available potentials and effects on the power grid operation and environment. These new solutions also have some hidden and rebound effects which need to be considered such as negative effects of EVs charging on the network performance. The main impact could be the extra load that would be imposed on the grid while the cars are plugged-in and start to charge. SUMIC 2020 tries also to

make German- Iranian forum to investigate the feasibility of electric vehicles in smart distribution grids and apply the results for the future Grids, regarding the EVs penetration level and real driving patterns in the power network.The solutions and outputs of SUMIC2020 will be applied in further cooperation among German and Iranian partners.

Project period:

01.10.2020 until 31.12.2021


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