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Future perspectives through technology education for people in the neighborhood

Project description

The ZUPER-Q project iaimes at children and young people in neighborhoods with
special development needs and their families but also at people from the
neighborhood who want to improve their technical and practica skills.
Objectives planned results and significance for the district:

Due to the needs in the neighborhoods the following goals should be realized:

1. Future technology workshops are set up tested and sustainably continued as a
leisure-related educational offer.

2. In terms of future technologies the target groups should gain knowledge and skills
in a practical and practice-oriented manner develop interest and enthusiasm receive
a more positive self-concept and be informed about career prospects. At the same
time competencies in language problem solving and social interaction should be
strengthened thereby expanding their educational opportunities. In addition
certificates are awarded on won competent to increase the professional
opportunities of the participants.

3. Close co-operation between the child and youth facilities the technical university
and other educational actors in the neighborhoods creates networks through which
resources and knowledge can be shared. The resulting synergies should strengthen
youth education and the general level of education in the neighborhoods.
Overall this should improve future prospects for people from socially disadvantaged
families especially children and adolescents.


Tjfbg gGmbH, Träger des Kinder- und Jugendzentrums Manege

Bezirksamt Neukölln, Abteilung Jugend und Gesundheit, Träger des Kinder- und Jugendzentrums Lessinghöhe

Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße e.V., Träger der Kinderfreizeiteinrichtung Graefekids

Responsible Staff

Project coordination: Prof. Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel (TU Berlin)

Research associates: MA Janina Klose und Mesut Aktas


Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil II (ZIS II), Program Bildung im Quartier (BiQ)     

Project Duration

(planned) project start: 01.10.2019

(planned) project end: 31.10.2021


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