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EmoTek-Flexi: Electromobility Workshop for Future Technic Education, flexible in the district



In collaboration with Tjfbg gGmbH we are building an electromobility workshop at the youthcenter MANEGE at RÜTLI-campus in Neukölln, Berlin.

Technologies of the future concerning electromobility and renewable energy will be conveyed in an integrative non-formal setting. Concepts will be put to test, optimized and sustainably continued as well as transferred to other facilities with similar needs.

Due to climate change mobility and energy change are necessary to be pushed through, which will change life in the city. Citizens need to be informed in time, enabling them to act and decide in the face of change. Socially disadvantaged families lack access to technical education that puts electromobility and renewable energies in focus. Thus, there is a demand for low-threshold non-formal education. Due to high child poverty in the district the project starts of in Reuterkiez, Neukölln, Berlin. There are hopes it will help stabilising the district and radiate to other districts.

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Tjfbg, Träger des Kinder- und Jugendzentrums Manege


Referents and collaborators

Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel (TU Berlin)

Researchers: MA Janina Klose and Mesut Aktas


Funding Agency 

Funded by "Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil II (ZIS II)", program Bildung im Quartier (BiQ)


Duration: 06.2017 – 10.2019


Project's Website: Link


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