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FORCE - FOResight Coordination for Europe


FORCE reviews Security foresight studies and Security horizon-scanning activities in the European Framework program and produce, based on this work, a Foresight Model and corresponding Intelligent Decision Support system, evolvable and scalable with future Foresight research activities conducted in Europe. The foresight model will consist of a detailed description of methods used in foresight research including strengths and weaknesses. All methods will be compared with each other and assessed regarding the appropriateness for detection of upcoming security threats - for short term, mid-term and long-term foresight approaches. In addition, methods for triangulation (mixed-method) approaches will be identified for future studies. The Foresight model will be designed to identify the most promising methods for different tasks.
The Foresight model and corresponding Intelligent Decision Support System will assist policy makers and stakeholders in the Security domain to determine expectations and risks from future social and technological trends using methodologies and information from past, current and future Foresight research activities. As a result they will assist decision makers to strategically plan for short-term, medium -term and long-term security risks related to emerging technologies and social changes in society.

Projektaktivitäten (FORCE activities):

  • Reviewing and mapping outputs from Security projects funded in FP7 and elsewhere in Europe (including studies, Internet data, articles in journals, online magazines etc.) related to Foresight and  Horizon-scanning activities.

Producing a Foresight model including:
  • Methodologies for monitoring and identifying emerging technological advances and corresponding Security risks including “wildcards” (potential low-probability high-impact future events), in emerging science and technology areas, mainly within the following fields: ICT, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Life Sciences, and Converging Technologies.

  • Methodologies for monitoring social needs and changes in society (European society values, privacy, fundamental rights).

  • A contact platform for researchers and decision-maker to enable exchange and collaboration

  • Link current available methods for prioritising Security risks to the design of an Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) which will support the Foresight model.

  • Testing the IDSS with members of the Advisory Board (stakeholders) using futuristic scenarios based on the scenarios developed in the FP7 FESTOS project.

  • Supporting the visibility and the take up of security research results at stakeholder level, especially focusing on end-users, via: dissemination of the “Foresight Model” and “Decision Support System”; online blog and discussion forum; and the creation of training materials.

The FORCE Foresight model and corresponding Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) will provide information into foresight for political agenda setting and also provide a better understanding of the new and upcoming technologies and long-term trends, leading to the strategic planning into security issues of relevant stakeholders. Examples of sectors to be addressed and areas to focus on using the FORCE platform, to create a secure and safer EU and Associated States.




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