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Welcome to the Chair "Work and Technology"

Welcome to the Chair Arbeitslehre/Technik!

Arbeitslehre is experiencing eventful and interesting times. With the renaming and the introduction of the subject “Wirtschaft-Arbeit-Technik” at Berlin’s integrated secondary schools some years ago, the current expansion of the subject to the secondary school level 2 as well as the upcoming modifications of the studies (Master’s degree), there are many academic opportunities arising  for this subject.

The study course Arbeitslehre WAT includes reduced technical teaching modules compared to the former study course “Arbeitslehre-Technik”. Therefore the teaching content had to respond to this development.

From my point of view our greatest strength in regard to the school subject and study course remains the close connection of theory and (workshop-) practice as well as the project-oriented approach which makes “Arbeitslehre” didactically progressive.

In terms of content the focus is on a convincing link between the teaching of technological basics and the interdependence of humanity, technology, society and nature, to make technology more comprehensible, interesting and attractive.

Only few pupils who studied WAT though will choose a technical profession later on. Considering this, the subject WAT is also intended for a general communication of technical competencies for the daily life in postmodern society of the 21st century, such as the interaction with new media, responsible consumer behaviour and the sustainable and efficient use of resources.  This is where study courses as well as the research projects apply.

In terms of research, the department focuses on three different fields:

  •  In the field "Technology and Participation" we develop participative methods that involve pupils, customers and citizens in the development process of new technological products and services. This participative product development is still in its infancy. We translate new methods of the political citizens’ participation to the development of technology.
  • In the field "Techology and Education" we research definitions and images of technology, compare knowledge and abilities and apply the new understanding of technology to the WAT lessons and more generally to the technological education.
  • In the field "Future of Technology" we compare historic and present visions of technology and develop sustainable scenarios and models to contribute to future applied academic research.

We invite you to get to know our lectures and research projects better and are always interested in new suggestions and cooperation.

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